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I have some strange ass notes saved in my phone.
examples of things in my iPhone notes:
-the start of an erotic story I’m guessing was written for an old bf that I actually never sent to him
-short and long term goals, one long term goal, “get buff as hell,” one short term goal, “whiten your teeth”
-a list of all the things I’m going to buy once I get a career job, including a crockpot and lingerie
-a list of legit (and not so legit) tumblr urls I’ve come up with
-and a note from awhile ago about how jelly I was that I saw a mom repping 95 on bench. but now I can do that. so that’s pretty neato.

welcome to my mind

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out of my four close friends growing up, one of them is married and preggo.
another got engaged today.
here’s to a life full of wine and cats.

Most of mine are married, and I’m sitting here single af 99% of the time.

I mean, I guess life could be worse.
I could be dating the guy that said he loved me after the second date.
or the guy who admitted to cheating on a previous gf and confessed to having two DUIs on the first date.
so maybe being single is pretty okay.

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