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do y’all ever rate yourselves?
like. take a good look at yourself.
I think I’m a solid 7.
a 6 when I just wake up.
pushing 7.5 when I try really hard on my appearance.
I dk. it’s weird to think about.
I’m a 7.

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gonna go bowl really shittily
also this is my fave shirt
I’ve had it for 2 years going strong
mmmk buh bye now

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so training today went well-ish.
I’ve been really working on my mobility, especially my hip mobility, and it’s definitely getting better yay. it’s strange, actually sitting your ass totally down in an overhead squat and chillin there for a while. but it feels good. it’s just nice to be able to overcome body composition you can’t control through mobility work. I never thought it was possible. (and it’s still not perfect but whatevs).
so today we worked on snatch balance, front squats, snatch push press, and power cleans. snatch balance is weirdly hard for me to get. my shoulders don’t exactly understand where to go, so I’m a bit wobbly. but we moved my hand position a little closer bc I’m a little more flexible now. woo.
my power cleans are solid, bc I have the problem with dropping under, not necessarily with the pull. so those are always pretty good, no complaints there.
but today the new coach was watching me do power cleans and on one of them my boobs literally stopped the clean midway through. it was so awkward but I decided to call it out and was like “did you see how my boobs just cockblocked the bar” and we started laughing and things got less weird. I mean, I guess it’s kinda good bc it means my bar path is close to my body..?
overall, solid day. zee end.

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I was real bored and so decided to try on possible outfits for this fundraiser at my gym that is supposed to be semi-dressy.
and I want to look good but this is a tad too revealing I’m thinkin.
but not too revealing for tumblr amirite